Welcome to Crossfit Oslo

Welcome to Crossfit Oslo, Norways best crossfit training facility located in the beautiful location of Nydalen. We strive on delivering you the best crossfit experience by offering you our wide range of different classes with our experienced coaching staff. All our memberships are sold online and grant you access to both our locations.


Newbeginner course
New beginners course is for all new members wishing to learn about the crossfit methodology before becoming a member. This consists of 8 x 60min classes focusing on learning the fundamental exercises and skills with an experienced crossfit coach. After completion of the class you are able to purchase a full membership with full access to all the classes.

New to Crossfit
The Basic classes are designed for beginners to crossfit with a focus on gradually learning the fundamentals exercises and developing their skills. Once you have completed approximately 20 hours, you are able to gain full access to all our classes on offer.

Experienced Crossfitter
If you have done crossfit training at another affiliate and would like to get started with your training as soon as possible, we require a quick email to be sent to post@cfoslo.no with some information about where you have trained before. Once approved we can grant you full access to all our classes.

Crossfit Affiliate Visits
If your a fellow crossfitter travelling from another CrossFit affiliate and planning on joining us for a WOD, you will first have to register your details online through our Mindbodyonline booking system and follow the steps below. Each visit is 175,- and you can either join a WOD or attend open gym if space and equipment are available. If your planning on joining us for longer and need help with organising a short/long term membership you can contact us directly through post@cfoslo.no

How to get started!

  1. Create a Username on MBO
  2. Purchase a Crossfit Class Drop-in under services tab
  3. Choose your class time through MindBodyOnline schedule
  4. Send an email to post@cfoslo.no to notify us of your arrival
  5. We would love a rating on Facebook if you have the time 🙂