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Welcome to CrossFit Oslo. We are one of first CrossFit gyms in Norway, located in beautiful Nydalen. We always strive to deliver a great training experience by offering a wide range of classes and a broad schedule. Our experienced staff will help you along the way, both before, during and after a workout.

If you are visiting from another CrossFit affiliate we offer a Drop-in service that can be bought through our website. You can sign up for a class through «Timeplan» on our website. After clicking «Påmelding» on the class you want to attend you will be able to create an account in our booking system and then pay for the drop-in. Note that you can be asked for proof of membership! Drop-in can’t be used for classes in our peak hours (4PM – 7PM Mon-Fri and 10AM-1PM Sat-Sun). If you do not follow these rules you will not be able to train and your purchase will not be refunded.

Experienced CrossFit-er
If you have experience from another CrossFit affiliate you need to complete a screening with one of our personal trainers. The screening lasts approximately 55 minutes and costs 799,- NOK. Upon completion and approval of the screening you can become a member. If you are not approved you will have to either have an appointment with a personal trainer or complete the introductory course, depending on your technical level.

Introductory Course (Introkurs)
New members that have no prior experience from a CrossFit gym will have to complete a introductory course covering the fundamental movements and exercises that we utilize at our gym. The course is 10 hours long and is usually scheduled for a single weekend. We want new members to have the best possible platform when starting their CrossFit adventure!

Upcoming Introductory Courses